Useful Websites

Apple Distinguished Educators’ curated collection of educational apps:

Early years resources that may be of use to you:

250 FREE ebooks that are levelled. They are perfect for guided reading groups or whole class instruction. Ages range from 4-11yrs. Super easy to access and put on the IWB.

Interactive brain breaks – free to sign up. They have everything on here from Zumba for kids, yoga, calming and dancing exercises. So good, the kids love it!

Ideas about all things education. Great things to read and lots of articles on iPads in the classroom. You can download Flipboard on the iPad and put Mindshift on there or just use the website.

The DEECD site for iPads in education. It has great links to other pages as well as extensive lists for apps in each educational category:

Learning how to use the various technical functions on the iPad. This website provides a number of tutorials, lessons and training on how to use the iPad:

Kathy Schrok’s site is basically a one stop shop for anything iPad and education related. There are some amazing links in there including links to tutorials, lesson plans, videos, PD etc:

Laburnum Primary School’s iPads in the Early Years blog. Shows some good practical uses for the iPads in classroom and documents their experiences:

Video app reviews and educational app tutorials


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